Who We Are

Central Iowa Youth for Christ seeks to help people, primarily teens, understand the hope and purpose that God wants to give them. We have found the most effective way to do this is to establish and nurture relationships with people, and to encourage them to do the same with other people.

Specifically we work through a variety of ministries, tailored to the needs of the individuals we serve. We work with teens in urban, suburban, and rural areas of Central Iowa. We serve teens in juvenile detention centers and teens in wheelchairs. We also reach out to teens who are online.

We have a special burden for teens who are considered to be “at-risk.” Many of the teens we reach come from broken homes and have been exposed to drugs, alcohol abuse, and physical and emotional abuse at home. They are hungry for an adult to take a healthy interest in them to give them a positive example.

CIYFC is not a church, but does offer Bible studies. They are for all people, including those who are unsure of whether they believe in God, those who have committed their life to Him, and those who are somewhere in between. We encourage those who are seeking to ask questions and approach God at their own pace.